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WWOT --> We Wipe On Trash
This, like many other Warcraft blogs, is mostly a collection of ramblings. I started this blog to be a collection point for links and various related thoughts. Mogman, a long-time guildie, had just started up his own blog around the same time to extend is various tom-foolery from the game to the intarwebz. So, I asked Mog to blog here with me in order to balance some humor with perhaps some slightly more serious posts, and to perhaps put out some relatively consistent posting.

About the guild
Mogman and Weezzii are a part of Vanquish on US-Firetree. Although the guild has sort of ceased to exist on various occassions, it was created in June of 2005. Many players that are currently in the guild have been playing together for the better part of 2 and a half years... so it's very much a community oriented guild - just the way we like it. Some folks pvp a fair bit, but without a doubt the thing that drives most of us to play is pve content. In TBC we were raiding heavily... 5 times... occassionally 6 times per week, with a very populated raid roster. That's all behind us now, and we now carry a very small raid roster.. raiding 25man content twice a week.

About Weezzii
I'm the guild master of Vanquish. It's been a long road to get where we currently are... and although the path has been torturous at points, it's been enjoyable for the most part. My first toon was a Gnome Rogue to 60, then an Undead Warlock to 70, a prot Gnome Warrior to 70, a holy Blood Elf Paladin to 70, a prot Tauren Warrior to 80, and my current toon is a level 80 Blood Elf Hunter. I've got a lot of raid experience from different angles of the game... and I have a lot of raid leading experience as well. The first raid I ever participated in was MC... which I had to raid lead because none of us knew what we were doing. Since then, it's been a constant push and pull to find a proper balance in raid leading, guild leading, and building a community.

For the IRL stuff that people may not care much about...
I'm 29 years old, married with a baby on the way, ex-military, and currently finishing off my last year of undergrad studies here in Ohio.

Weezzii - lvl80 Blood Elf Hunter
Weezii - lvl80 Tauren Warrior
Weezi - lvl70 Blood Elf Paladin
Laraway - lvl70 Undead Warlock
Email: weezzii@gmail.com

About Mogman
He's a tree and he's an achievement junkie... all other information about him is speculation, slander, or an out-right lie (except for that part about him and Oth's mom).

Armory: Mogman - lvl80 Tauren Druid



WoW i type Vanquish and look what pops up :D
dude you guys are the best GM's! ever! lol

<----Gurego/Sneauxs :D

and Buretto Says hi :D

Weezy could not out-DPS a facerolling rogue. True story.

- Zulmogroto

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