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On par with the annoyance of the [Toy Train Set], are the variations of how people are heard when they come into the vent channel. Some folks come in incredibly loud and others sound like they left their microphone in the glove compartment of their car. Then, on occasion you have the individual that logs into the game from different computers and uses a different headset n' such.

Thankfully, Ventrilo is equipped to handle such nuisances. I heard about this function about a year ago... I looked for info about it and then didn't find a definitive answer, so I just continued to subscribe to my method of changing every person on the vent server.

Well... the info is out there and easily located these days, so here ya go -

How to set up your Ventrilo client to make everyone come across at approximately the same volume:
Step 1: Go to "Setup" on your Ventrilo client
Step 2: Enable the "direct sound" options
Step 3: Click the "SFX" button
Step 4: From the list on the right, select "Compressor" and then click "Add".
Step 5: In the "Compressor" properties use the following settings:
-------- Gain: 10 (I have mine set to 10. This adjusts how loud you will hear other people, so depending on your computer's set volume, you may have to go a little higher or lower.)
-------- Attack: 0.01
-------- Release: Around 500
-------- Threshold: Around -30
-------- Ratio: 100
-------- Pre delay: 4.0
Step 6: Click OK for all 3 windows, and you're done.


That picture supplements this entry quite well.

rejoice! a solution for that damned train

(others sound like they left their microphone in the glove compartment of their car.) I wonder who that was directed to. THANKS WEEZZI!

Omg, thanks Gong - his post should be on the main page.

And for us MacHeads in the guild:;jsessionid=4E4B2CFB8A53406A6AEAB60160A1B59E?topicId=3271126859&sid=1

Link about normalizing Vent in OS X since we have none of those built in Vent extras.


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