Reins of the Azure Drake

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Well... we've spent practically no time in the Malygos encounter on 25man. Due to our rather short weekly raid schedule of 2 days (and sometimes 1), we just haven't had the opportunity to sit down and really hash out the fight for much more than an hour or hour and a half.

On Wednesday we cleared out Naxx however and opened up tonight for Malygos attempts. Attempts 1 and 2 were both solid, but a little weak on dps in phase 2, and group failure in sticking together during phase 3.
Our third attempt cleared up those trouble areas and we pulled off a very smooth kill... I think losing 4 people by the end of the encounter. And as luck would have it, on our first Malygos kill [Reins of the Azure Drake] dropped.

We use a voting system for distributing mounts that drop from 25man encounters... so, congratulations to Taimatala on her new mount.


Can we post the damage meters for that fight? =D

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