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Information about melee and spell hit can be found in a lot of places, but sometimes it is difficult to wade through the massive amounts of information to find the little tidbit you are actually looking for. While I’d encourage people to read up on the whys and hows of hit rating as it pertains to their class… most people simply don’t want to, or are looking for quick info because they’re leveling an alt. With that in mind, this is intended to be a semi-quick reference for many of us.

The first thing to note is that there is a lot of conflicting data and on-going discussions about hit rating needed for melee right now.
Secondly, this information is based on the player being level 80, versus boss-level mobs (83) that are not debuffed, and it assumes you do not have any “hit enhancing” talent points spent.

For casters, 17% +hit is needed to reach the cap.
About 26.23 +hit rating is equal to 1% chance to hit for casters.
Therefore, approximately 445.91 +hit rating is required to reach the desired 17% hit cap.

Single-wielding Melee
For melee, single-wielding, somewhere between 8% and 9% +hit is needed to reach the cap. The growing philosophy is that the percentage is closer to 8% than 9%, so many people are now assuming the cap to be 8% until more information comes out.
About 32.79 +hit rating is equal to 1% chance to hit for melee.
Therefore, approximately 262.32 +hit rating would be required to reach 8%.
Approximately 295.11 +hit rating would be required to reach 9%.

Before going on, it is important to mention for Hunters, that there may be a discrepancy between what YOU need, and what your PET needs. There are still a lot of tests being done on this, but again there is a growing population that believes 8% is needed for YOU, and 9% is needed for your pet. Additionally, apparently the “Focused Aim” talent allowing Hunters to pick up 3% more hit rating does NOT apply to your pet. This is currently unverified, just like the numbers posted above. Do your own testing to come to your own conclusions. I haven’t read any discussions concerning demonology Warlock’s pets hitting and missing, but I’m sure it’s out there.

Dual-wielding Melee
For melee, dual-wielding, 28% +hit is needed to reach the cap for white hits… with special attacks falling under the 8% / 9% debate mentioned above.
Again, about 32.79 +hit rating is equal to 1% chance to hit for melee.
Therefore, approximately 918.12 +hit rating is required to reach the 28% hit cap.

For melee dps (attacking from behind), expertise will eliminate those pesky dodges.
About 8.2 expertise rating is equivalent to 1 expertise point.
26 expertise points are required to remove the dodges from the table, so therefore you would need approximately 214 expertise rating to reach this figure.

For tanking, additional expertise is required in order to remove parries from the combat table.
This number is much higher, and not very practical to attain, but for argument’s sake, 60 expertise points is needed… meaning 492 expertise rating.

This information is current as of January 6th… and I’ve probably posted something wrong somewhere along the lines, so feel free to comment in order to correct.


shadow preests bring 3% spell hits to the mobs they're hitting. and boomkins would as well with improved faerie fire. boomkins around never have imp FF though. ever. just because. i guess that's a good thing though, that means that elemental shamans can give all the buffs that boomkins do.

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