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Congratulations to our resident terrible Texan (omg Celebrity Jeopardy reference above makes sense now amirite?) Lucido for winning the New Years Resolution contest and the first place prize of 100 gold!

Lucido resolves... "To no longer be a terrible raid leader who dies while master looting which causes Mog to yell 'MASTERLOOTER DOWN' repeatedly in guild chat."

Here's to looking at you and hoping that you actually accomplish this bro. Stay tuned for more contests maybe!

Now on a side note...Weezzii and I decided to combine forces under the banner of We Wipe On Trash, and so as of this moment, all of my posts will be on here instead of Mogblog (single tear...). We both thought it was a great idea because it takes the pressure off one single person to constantly update the blog...and we figured that we both bring different things to the table. Weezzii will probably provide you all with insightful and useful posts about important WoW related things...I on the other hand will provide you with useless and lame anecdotes, stories, posts, and achievement strategies that will probably be a complete waste of your time! In the end, we decided that in the blog world we could catch more fish with one net rather than two... Yeah that's right, think about it... It makes complete sense...




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