Achievement Guide: The Argent Dawn

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In my continued search for more achievements, I have been weighing my options as to what type of achievements to attack next. While working on my Eastern Kingdom Loremaster achievement, I ran the old world instances of Stratholme (Eastern Plague Lands) and Scholomance (Western Plague Lands) several times. At 80, no matter what class or spec you play, you can easily clear these instances in no time at all. The reputation associated with many of the quests in EPL and in Scholomance is the old world faction The Argent Dawn, who has found a WotLK revitalization in the faction of the Argent Crusade. Gaining exalted with the Argent Crusade is fairly easy seeing as all you need to do is run level 80 heroics, but gaining exalted with the Argent Dawn is slightly trickier. Achieving this task will be the focus of this guide!


Achievement Focus:
- [The Argent Dawn] - Exalted with the Argent Dawn - 15 Achievement Points
- [The Argent Crusade] - Exalted with the Argent Crusade - 15 Achievement Points
- [The Argent Champion] - Exalted with the Argent Dawn and Crusade - 25 Achievement Points
- 55 Achievement Points Total

So how do you grind exalted reputation with The Argent Dawn? The easiest way that I have found is chain running Undead Stratholme (using the side entrance with The Key to the City) to collect [Corrupter's Scourgestones]. These stones drop from many of the bosses in UD Strat and can be turned in each for a total of 150 Argent Dawn reputation. In order to collect these stones, you must kill the boss while having your [Argent Dawn Commission] equipped. Clicking on the map above outlines the easiest path to take for killing bosses and collecting as many Corrupter's Scourgestones as possible per run. The numbers on the map correspond to the following bosses:

1. The Unforgiven
2. Baroness Anastari
3. Maleki the Pallid
4. Nerub'enkan
5. Magistrate Barthilas
6. Ramstein the Gorger
7. Baron Rivendare
Red Square - Hearthsinger Forresten

The first seven bosses are always there, and Hearthsinger Forresten sometimes (but not always) spawns as the locations posted. Killing each of these bosses and collecting their stones delivered either 1350-1500 reputation per run (depends on whether you get Hearthsinger...Baron Rivendare also awards 300 reputation per kill). As a resto Druid at level 80, I was able to complete the full circuit in about 15 minutes per run, and so grinding this reputation through this method above will prove to be both quick and easy for any class. Happy reputation grinding to those of you who wish to pursue this achievement!

EDIT REGARDING HEARTHSINGER FORRESTEN: He does have a third spawn point which is a bit further beyond the "1" on the map. I didn't include it because I personally consider it to be further out of the way than I want to go, but in order to appease Rick, I wanted to point this out!


As for comments, I am really interested to know if you readers find these guides interesting or at least mildly helpful. Any suggestions on how I can improve them? Any other type of info I should include? Also, if you have an suggestions about a particular achievement you would like a guide for (as long as I can figure out how to make one :P), please send me an e-mail at


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I must say, these are always helpful and now I will be grinding some rep for them to get my achievement. Thank you for the nice write-up Mog.


Informative, concise, and now quite accurate. This "Achievement Guide" feature could be a hit!


I appreciate you giving me tips on how to stay ahead of you in achievement points.

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