Recruiting Sucks.

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It really does.
No rational person should be saying... I LOVE TO RECRUIT! People who say that sort of thing are either liars or haven't been doing it long enough or effectively enough to understand the real frustrations of it. On a lot of realm forums at any given time you will see 4-5 recruitment posts on the first page. Everyone wants good players... everyone wants them NOW. On Firetree's realm forums there are currently 13 threads on the front page concerning recruitment. Trade channel recruitment as always been on the low end of the spectrum when trying to bring in a better quality of player.

[2. Trade] [Whiteglove]: {Purple Stuff} is recruiting for WotLK instances and questing. We are mostly low-mid 70s and currently trying to fill our ranks to get consistent groups. We have vent, tabard, and guild bank. PST for invite or more info.
It's really much better than most of the ones you see in-game. Still though... drop the whole "vent, tabard, and guild bank" thing.

Anyway, back to the forum postings...
Most guilds format their realm posts pretty similarly:
- We're a serious guild
- We like to have fun... we hate people IRL that are bad at WoW
- We've killed these bosses _______, ________, ________.
- We're working on this boss ________, we have him at 44%!
- This is our website to apply... if you're terrible, gtfo/diaf/get yourself hit by a bus... etc.

Occassionally some posts have some flavor to it... for instance:
{Smoke Circle} lfm for ez purpz & nub slaying
It's mildly humerous at least. It really depends on what sort of player you're looking to draw in.
If you follow it up with things like...
- We're awesomer than other players
- Man, we're really awesome
- Other people don't know how to play this game
- We PVP and PVE... we need people to raid
- PVE is LOLZ cause it's like 2,2,3,2,2,2,3,2... get loot lololol (this is one of my personal favs)

then you'll be pretty limited in bringing in a certain type of player.
However, in all honesty it's probably a better post. There shouldn't be a doubt in anyone's mind what sort of personality the guild as a whole has... and although a lot of type-A's might cause some inner-drama, you're recruiting exactly the type of personality that goes with the guild. The first of the two types I listed is a little more vague.. and being that most guilds approach recruitment in that fashion, it's especially important that their actual recruitment process is properly managed.

Our guild is currently recruiting... sadly. It's something that I was hoping to avoid for another 6 months, knowing I probably wouldn't be able to.

And my train of thought is out the window...
I've no idea what the point of this post was... but it is what it is.



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