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So yes, I am a self-proclaimed achievement junkie. I'm first and foremost a PVE centered WoW junkie, but seeing as this only takes up 2-3 nights of my week, I find myself pouring more and more time and effort into achievements. I know some people hate them...some people think they're a waste of time...I guess its all in the eye of the beholder? But since this is half my blog, I get to decide what we talk about, and I choose to talk about goal for using this blog is two-fold: 1. To chronicle the gaining of achievements of both myself and guild mates, and 2. To offer advice and insight about gaining achievements to both novice and experienced achievers. So from this point on you will find a hodge-podge of posts mostly falling under the banner of those two topics, but I will still continue to post random stuff (Lolcatz) and other random contests for you faithful followers of WWOT!

Now as for myself...where am I in the achievement process? I am at the moment pretty faithfully pursuing three separate achievement goals. For a period of time I devoted myself towards achieving the Salty fishing title, and having successfully nabbed a Magical Crawdad from Mr. Pinchy, I stand only two achievements away from completing the Accomplished Angler meta. I need to finish One That Didn't Get Away as well as Master Angler of Stranglethorn, but seeing as I usually work Sundays, I don't know when I will be able to finish it's on hold for the time being.

Next, I have been spending a good period of time trying to get the Chef title, and I am fairly close to being done. I'm missing the Stormchops recipe for The Outland Gourmet, and there aren't enough recipes in game yet to accomplish The Northrend yeah...this one is on hold as well.

Finally, the current achievement that I am progressing in is the Loremaster achievements. I'm fairly close to finishing up the Eastern Kingdoms (about 75 quests to go), whereas I have about 300 quests to go in Kalimdor, and 100 to go in Northrend. So I should be wrapping that up in the next few days or so...the greatest thing about pushing the Loremaster achievement is that several other's fall in place along the way. You inevitably achieve exalted with all five home reputations (an achievement), and you will complete a total of 3000 quests for another achievement.

So yeah...this is the current state of Mog achievements! Keep your eyes open for future achievement posts...I plan on posting general achievement information roughly a week or so before every major in game world event, so that everyone will have a good heads up on what's required! Lunar Festival is in just about two weeks!

Luv, Mog


Current Achievement Points: 4820
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- Guru of Drakuru
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