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Well, I had respec'd yesterday so I could try out the 50/21 build with Readiness... and using Aspect of the Beast for the entirety of last night's raid (glyphed for it as well). In the end, I'm not sure I did much more dps than I was previously without readiness. No thanks to the rather short time I've been raiding as a Hunter as well as last week's raid lag issues... I don't have very solid markers to compare last night's numbers to.

As before, there were a number of fights I was at the top of the meter on, but still missed the mark when it came to meeting my own anticipated numbers.
People have been reporting some rather insane numbers using AotB throughout certain encounters, but I'm still on the fence about it.
Once the patch hits, I can't see the usage of AotB being viable in a raid setting at all because pet damage is going to go down and you simply aren't going to see the same returns by using it... even with the glyph.

A worthy note however is that LOLCAT did a little over 500k damage on Patchwerk... dwarfing my own figure around 350k.
Ah well... I'll have to keep playing around to sort something else out.


LOLCAT is a beast, I salved him on like 1/4 of boss fights coz he was right under tank about to pull agro. Can LOCAT /flex ?

sunders + ff (i have no idea if ff is ever up beyond the pull made by a druid tank) take a Wotlk boss's armor from 13083 or ~46% mitigation to 7898 or ~34% mitigation. Now if you are doing 100 dmg a shot, being reduced to 54 by armors, and have that damage increased to 66 that is a damage increase of 22% over your original mitigated damages. We're pretty good at stacking raid buffs since well, everyone has them now. But we're terribad at stacking armor reducing debuffs. Really bad. Looking at patchwerk wws, he had FF applied once in the fight and nothing else.

If lolcat did that much more damage than usual, with such a high amount of it being his poison (unmitigated) well that this might be a large part of the issue.

Sunders aren't even going up. This is my excuse though as to why it's not going to be put up :p LOLCAT will wreck the raid.

Sunders aren't going up in what? Armor reduction? Great, boss armor is a static thing at the moment. It'd be like 180 rage and 12 gcd's in a fight like patchwerk. I suppose you could think about it in another way, like, if you brought a prot warrior to devastate instead of a dps warrior, raid dps would go up.

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