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This fantastic topic popped up over on World of Matticus the other day. It's since been snagged as a debate topic on a number of blogs, where there has been a lot of opposing points of view.

I assume many of our readers won't follow the link... so here's the condensed version:
Matticus received an in-game mail from one of their core healers:

“Hey Matt, I’ve decided to take a break from WoW until Ulduar comes out. I’ve gotten what I need to prepare myself for it and I don’t want to burn myself too early. Thanks for understanding.”

That healer has been to all of their raids... and is probably the best geared of the lot. So.. as a GM, what is a proper course of action for Matticus to take? kick.. demotion.. irl beatdown... etc.
It's a tricky situation and it's definitely handled very differently depending on the guild your in. I spent time fleshing out my thoughts about the subject on another blog, but I was wondering if any of you (all 3 that probably read this) have some thoughts about this topic.

*GASP*... "You mean you want us to respond, Weezzii?"

yar. thoughts/comments... ?


I know my input is ALWAYS wanted around here, but i would have to say there are many things one could do here. One would be to say that's fine, I would rather have you later on. So when he comes back he gets his spot back no questions asked (WHICH would start MAJOR QQing). The 2nd is to make him earn his spot back after him being away for and untold period of time. As for what I would do, I would pick a combination of the two on the bases that WE as a guild just geared this person out. He will be set for the next month or so on gear (A estimation), and I really don't want to have to do that again. So you get a hold of said person, and sit down with him. Ask if he could maybe work something raid once a week. OR maybe once every other week to keep him semi active in the guild. So that will keep people from QQing as much(that is if he agrees to it, if not BOOT HIM :P). ANYWAYS my thoughts as LUCIAFAIL!~


My opinion is this is a slap in the face. The guild has spent a lot of time to get said healer geared (and as most gear will *ALWAYS* go to a tank or healer (core positions) for one to just get what they want and go.. I mean that is some major BS. Personally, I would leave him in the guild and when he comes back act like nothing happened, then when the new gear drops, make sure he is the *LAST* guild member to get it. By then, considering his previous actions, he will /gquit and can go try and screw another guild over. But hey, that's just me and well I don't like people that take advantage of others and then when their help is needed are too "busy" to help.

Then if you see him in the ally, beat him down just for kicks.

This situation just reminds me of real life. Friend needs help moving, you help. Come your turn to move, ask said friend for help, and imagine that, they can't help. Then repeat to punch him in the face next time you see him.


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Fuck em, demote em - give the raid spot to someone else, and when he comes back don't give the spot back until one opens up. No reason to play favorites and have someone who came to all the raids and helped all the others get geared up sit out when the new shit comes out.


I'd do something like lucido. Explain that guild needs him because of his leetness. Without bein to all raids, maybe commit to going to half or something to help out guild progression. Remind him that he reached his goals as being part of the guild, not alone, and by saying "bye till next patch", is kind of selfish. If no agreement could be found between gm and guildy then I'd clearly layout the consequences (probly demote and gotta earn it back).

Its nice that that person is geared enough to afford to take a break until ulduar, but not everyone is. They ought to contribute to preparing the entire guild for future content, or politely accept the consequences of not being around until it comes out (low priority on gear/raid spots for ulduar etc). If that doesnt suit this person, they ought to either show up 2 nights a week for a few hours and pay thier dues the way the rest of us are going to, or not bother coming back for 3.1.

As was said, depending on the type of guild. Me personally, I'd be pissed. It's just plain rude to take gear that is for raiding and not use it to raid because you have the gear you want already. Gear is a tool you use to help everyone benefit from it. Tank gets an upgrade, needs less heals. DPS gets an upgrade, stuff dies faster, less heals needed etc.

I'm probably in this exact situation right now. My favorite part of this game is raiding and learning encounters. So far, this expansion has offered nothing like that except for maybe 3 drakes Sarth. I log on though to bash things in the face and chill with some good friends :)

Yeah sure taking gear and not raiding is lame. This point seems fairly straight forward. Unless his guild blows, however, they all have their gear by now. Gearing up alts is amazing and all and I'm sure everyone loves doing it, but honestly the content right now is pretty weak. The alts can handle it. Now I wouldn't say he would get a held raid spot in the future if it turns out healers were needed to continue and someone else ended up filling out that spot, but I wouldn't be quick to demote or kick him.

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