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At WWOT, we consider ourselves to be at the forefront in journalistic excellence and integrity, and we strive daily to present you, the readers, with the most relevant stories possible. With this in mind, a "whistle blower" in the Vanquish raiding core submitted this screen shot to me after a hard night of attempting (LOLZ WIPING) Sartharion with three Drakes alive. One of our main tanks named Glove was continually taking massive amount of damage during the lava wall waves, and we were continually wondering why he simply could not avoid them. He gave us some baloney answer about lag, his wife, and how he was focusing watching Alien the movie at the time, but we at WWOT have discovered the truth. We all suspected that Glove was intentionally allowing himself to be hit by the lava so as "to surf" them, but this picture of Glove and his golden surfboard has provided the proof we need! We're on to your schemes dude...


On a different note...CONTEST CONTEST CONTEST! (get the idea yet...?)

WWOT will be holding a guild screenshot contest for you members of Vanquish. Some of you old school members of Vanquish might remember such a contest taking place way back in the day. It was a rousing success, and so Weezzii and I have decided to hold another! The basic gist of the contest is that we're looking for cool in game screenshots of three or more Vanquish members're screenshot can be taken anywhere in game...and the judging will be based upon creativity, coolness, humor, etc. For more extended rules...

- Screenshots must contain three separate Vanquish members (multi-boxing same person don't countz...)
- Screenshots should have the UI hidden on them (alt+z), but name plates and chat bubbles are allowed (lol humorz).
- Photoshopping is not allowed...we're looking for straight in game screenshots.
- The winning screenshot members will receive a prize of 600g.
- The screenshots will be judged by Mog and Weezzii...therefore neither are eligible to win.
- All screenshots must be submitted to
- Screenshots must be submitted by Sunday 1/18/08 at midnight.

Good luck and happy photoing!


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