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I'd like to make the move to Wordpress. To be perfectly honest there's a number of really small things that bother me with Blogger... but being that I was just testing the waters a little bit with starting to blog, I didn't know if it was worth my while to go straight to Wordpress.

I do enjoy it, and I'd like to keep it going... so I think I will make the move to Wordpress. The current theme is okay, but not exactly my cup of tea, so I'm looking for something new.

If you've come across any WP templates you think are nice, let me know... I'll be searching too (also any suggestions/comments for the future look is cool too).


May I suggest Mogman actually Blog on his Blog?

May I suggest not calling "her" Mogman any more and putting a dress on him/her in the header to have a visual of the change.

Wordpress is pretty sweet, I was going to do a couple of our magazines websites in Wordpress, but couldn't find a theme I really liked, and being a print designer, designing my own theme, well is out of the question. But there are many available themes that might just fit your needs. And the CMS is sweet.

I was thinking the same but just have not had time to mess around on wordpress.

I have the benefit now of owning my own domain name so wont have to worry about getting people to re route.

Whether from blogger to or self hosted, I know you'll be very glad you made the switch (I'm so happy I did). However, since I am at, my theme choice is limited to what they offer me and I've made the best of it. So, can't offer any theme advice, but good luck on the move!

Yeah I know I've been kind of "afk" from blogging for a bit now...but I am planning on getting back into the swing of things. I just started a new job and have been going through some life changes (insert in game sex change joke here prz), but now I'm back to "normal." So incoming more posts about stuff that you probably don't care about!


So do I

-- Cobeathris

(insert in game sex change joke here prz) + some life changes = RL Sex Change? Mmm...

Hell, if they'd let me I'd change to a female blood elf rogue... But no.... can't change Race.. Fuck that, Michael Jackson did, why can't I?

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