Making progress in Ulduar

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Well, we managed our typical two 25-person raid nights this week and I'd certainly define them as an overall success.
The goal for the first night was to kill Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, and XT-002... with the hope that we might be able to get up to Kologarn as well.
We did exactly that. Killed all four of them... with the only real hiccup being XT-002. We were continually hitting the enrage timer because we just weren't getting enough dps on the heart. I think as people become more comfortable with that fight and understand what it takes to get those scrapbots dead, the enrage timer woes will fade away.

On the second night of 25-person raiding we wanted to kill the Iron Assembly and Auriaya at a minimum... with additional hope of perhaps killing Hodir as well. Again, that's exactly what happened. We ran into numerous snags... but I think everyone was pretty pleased with our progression.

In light of this progression, I'll probably post up some simplified boss strats for some of the fights that we've found to be effective. Feel free to chime in and let us know if your guild is doing something different that works well too... or just any suggestions in general. =)


Figured I would throw this out, since I just read it and it, its a new ability, and its quite useful. Shattering throw stacks with Sunder Armor, and with itself, use with Heart Phase for fun and profit. Clicky on your link to tanking tips Right about there --->


That's a pretty sneaky arrow

Yeah, and sadly, on my screen at least, it points more toward tank spot than tanking tips, I swear it did it right in preview though! Just eyeballing it and guessing.... this one may work



A little closer that time.

Its pointing at Tank Spot in my screen. GJ Chris King!

I feel good about the new content, and good about our progression so far. It's fun, exciting and tough.

What I am not excited about is the new BiS Mutilate dagger that is a trash drop. Sad Panda.

Aggro Sound Workaround. Posting it here for reference.

Create two empty files named as below. You can make them as .TXT files if you want and then rename them .WAV.


No more annoying sounds.

The agro sounds are a lie.

hay guys wuts going on in here?

Guild mergers...

Good to see ya'll are still at it! Whats this about mergers?

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