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Well, we've spent a couple nights in Ulduar-10... leading to 8 dead bosses, and one night in Ulduar-25 leading to 4 dead bosses.
There have certainly been a few memorable moments along the way... and the trash provides some good humor when you see a few people die on the pull, or one of your tanks explodes right off the bat.

Sadly, this novelty will wear thin soon enough. I've liked a couple of the boss encounters... Auraya in particular is pretty interesting. The hardest thing we've gotten a taste of is Mimiron, who we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time on.

Anyway, looking forward to getting back in there tonight on 25-man and hopefully killing two or three more bosses.


I for one am impressed by the instance. I think the level of difficulty is right about where I'd want it to be. The fights have some interesting mechanics and I for one am glad we've had some snags and had to actually put attempts in on a boss to down them.

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