Ulduar is here

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Obviously there has been a long absence from blog posts here. I'll chalk it up to a number of different things that aren't terribly interesting, so let's move beyond that.

Ulduar is here.
I'd like to say, "ULDUAR IS FINALLY HERE!!," but in all reality, the current content has only been out for 6 months. It just seems like we've been waiting for a long time due to the relatively easy raiding many people have been trying to stomach for the past couple months.

Regardless, I am happy that this patch is coming out, though I may not sound it. I'm not nearly as excited as I was about any content patch that has ever been released in the game mind you. I truly hope this patch brings with it a lot of fun and a lot of challenges.

As for our guild, we've stayed steady on the Wed/Sat raids as planned. Our raid team of 27 (briefly 28) is back down to 25 people. It'd be nice to pick up 3 new players to cover some potential gaps... but we'll just see what happens. Despite our 2 raid-night weeks, this week we're going to toss an extra raid in the mix just to try to get a little more comfortable with our surroundings in Ulduar (as none of us have entered the instance on the PTR)... so I'm not sure what day the extra will be this week... either Friday or Sunday -- we'll see.

Good luck to everyone in Ulduar this week.
I hope it's all we've been waiting for. Let's also hope that the new content reminds us of the spark of fun that it used to bring... and brings it again.


zomg invite to Ulduar!

IMO give zonya immediate access to the Ulduar tab of the gbank so we can see if it multiplies.

lol a POST!

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