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So it's Friday night... the blogosphere and twitter are alive with Ulduar talks.
Meanwhile however, I was getting ready to log into L4D for a bit until the evening took a turn for the "weird."

An individual who is the GM of another Horde guild on our server sent me a whisper (let's call him Chuck). Chuck used to be in our guild for about a year and a half between Vanilla WoW and TBC. When our guild took a break in TBC, people split off into many directions. One of the guys eventually made a new guild that was meant to be a "bus stop" for lack of a better term. If people wanted a place to hang out while they figured out what they would do next, this was a good place to do it.

The guild stayed around for quite some time, until Vanquish was pieced back together shortly before Wrath. By this time however, the previous guild had a lot of folks go in and out the door. One of the people who went out the door stole a fair bit of things from the guild bank... and subsequently deleted the toons he did it with so no one could pin it on him--though everyone pretty much knew.

When Vanquish reformed, many individuals that did not come into our guild, formed up their own guild with the intent of raiding--headed by Chuck... with one additional right-hand man. ~fast forward to now.

Chuck disbanded his guild tonight for various reasons. He whispered me to tell me that he knew who stole the guild bank contents from the interim guild.. and he wanted to give the things back to us, so he asked for a ginvite to put a bunch of stuff into our bank, knowing that the bulk of players from that "bus stop" guild (including the GM of it) are in Vanquish now. I didn't think much of it, simply because it was all lv70 stuff.

So I tossed Chuck an invite... standing next to him in Dalaran, I watched him drop a portable mailbox.
--- For those of you unaware, in the event a GM disbands a guild, all guild bank contents are mailed to the GM.
He emptied his ENTIRE guild bank into ours... including 12k gold...not the measly lvl70 items that were previously taken.
Chuck then proceeds to gquit and wishes us well with raiding and mentions that he'll be around if we are ever short a dps.

This presents a peculiar situation.


Nice very nice hahaha

Hmm That was nice of him lol!
Nice blog keep up the good work!

From Luke @ or

Weezzii was so stunned by these events that he has completely forgotten how to make a blog post.

-- Cobeathris

eheh... ya, I've been a little slow on it. School work has kept me writing a lot lately (in finals week now, actually), so I just haven't had any motivation for it.

I suppose it probably doesn't help that the PTR is the big thing to talk about right now... and I haven't spent more than 5 minutes on the PTR. =p

Anyway, hopefully this will all go back to normal soon.

That's quite a story. Almost never hear anything about stuff like this. Usually it's people taking stuff out of banks not making deposits. Very nice!

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