Sarth 3d (25) Down

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As the title suggests... we killed Sartharion with 3 Drakes tonight -- our first evening of trying, and on just the 8th attempt the night... and with 24 people. Very impressive all around.

We had a few "lol" moments throughout the fight, but one in particular should be recognized.

Jsun (holy pally) Says: "Some of the healers should start dps'ing... we got this"
***MT Dies***

In the end just 13 people were alive, so it wasn't a smooth-as-butter kill, but a kill none the less. Congratulations to all!
ps. Sorry Zonya, Mote, and Val that you couldn't be there. =(


Trial by fire on my tanking skills.

Congratulations, our guild's still butting our heads against that one, but I suspect a title might be coming our way soon...

ROFL at Zodi you did a good job tho!

Jsun overtaking Gloved as the official 'Sarth-Noob'?

Yeah I was privileged enough to get to watch this fight with a great view (loldeadreally early)....great job all!

"lol" moment #2...

Weezzii: "Alright guys it's a wipe..."
15 minutes later, same fight, sarth 3D down.

Congratulations on the kill guys, nice job!

IMO, if we all did more surfing it would have been easier.

They should add an epix surfboard mount for an achievement "all raid members must be hit by the lava and survive."

It was a good fun fight for sure. Congrats to everyone involved can't wait to do it again!

Grats, my new guild is away to start it with 1 drake up to start.

I talked with Weezzi on the phone and he gave me the entire play by play the next day. Awesome job and I'll be at the next one this week :P LOLTITLES.

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