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Well, we haven't bothered to mess with Sartharion 3d yet (25-person). There's a number of reasons for it that I won't bother going into. Tonight however, is slated to be our first attempts.

Honestly I was rather excited about it... still am, actually. But my hopefulness has gone down slightly. We have 7 healers on our raid team... all of which I would like to have in there, AND all of which have confirmed they will be in attendance this evening.

While I was driving home from the airport this morning though, one of our healers text messaged me to let me know his account had been keylogged. So, first and foremost, that's really unfortunate for him, personally. I'm confident he'll retrieve everything, but it doesn't remove the frustration that it can cause you.

Additionally, I'm not sure if they sold all of his gear (though they likely did), and if that's the case we'll be down a healer for tonight.

Hopefully everything gets sorted in good order for him though.


How unfortunate! I hope that everything gets straightened out as quickly and completely as possible.

Yes Weezzii, they DE'ed my gear....also vendored w/e was not DE-able (curse you WoWarmory for being so straigh forward!)

Anyways, already talked to Blizz (electronically) and they already investigating. Hopefully everything will go back to normal next week.

On the other hand, I formated my PC (didnt bothered with Anti-Viruses etc...). Hopefully that got rid of the Keylogger. Now I need to do research on a good anti-virus software and get my hands on one of those Key thingies from Blizz (when they get on stock).

Oh well, GL to you guys in Sarth 3D tonight!


I keep saying I'm going to get one of those keychain things from Blizz and I never do. I don't run any virus protection or spyware programs on my pc and I just can't get infected. I only goto like 3 websites and have been fortunate that they don't have keyloggers on them. The keychain thing though is so damn cheap (like six bucks) so really it confuses me why everyone doesn't have one yet other then them being sold out :P

Anyways, glad you got your stuff back Zonya plus some extra abyss crystals. I'll be reporting you for stealing them from their company and hopefully you will be banned into next year!!! mwhahahah :)

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